Protecting Your Business as You Expand

Podcast on Bacon Wrapped Business with Brad Costanzo.

Check out my appearance on Bacon Wrapped Business” with Brad Costanzo. 
Brad is a serial entrepreneur, growth consultant and investor. He’s often referred to as an “Opportuneur,”an entrepreneur who is able to quickly spot, create and capitalize on multiple opportunities. I would call him a Catalyst who helps create positive change in business organizations. That’s what he does best.
Here are the highlights of our conversation:
  • How to protect yourself and your business (no matter how big or small).
  • The importance of quality legal documents (Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policies, etc.).
  • Monitoring social media posts from customers about your product/services.
  • Why unresolved complaints are a major issue.
  • How to pick the right business partner.
  • The importance of Trademarks and owning your content.
It was a fun conversation and the podcast came out great. Check it out here.

by Peter Hoppenfeld