Praise for the “Singing Doctor”

Congratulations to my friend and client Dr. Steve Eisenberg.

Kudos to my friend and client Dr. Steven G. Eisenberg for going far and beyond to make a positive difference in the lives of his patients and their families. 
Known in his circle and beyond as the “Singing Doctor”, Steve has written over 100 songs for his patients – about them, their lives, their dreams. He uses music therapy to assist the conventional treatment of his cancer patients. 
Board-certified in medical oncology and hematology, he practices at California Cancer Associates for Research and Excellence (cCARE).
In his own words:
  • These are not just random songs. The patients are the co-writers. I’m taking their love and inspirations. Even as we’re writing the song, they remember things, like their creativity or how they were as a child. When I sing it for them, their receptors are firing. In many cases, I see a fog lifting. They may be suffering not only from ‘chemo-brain’ — which is very difficult — but depression, anxiety and fear. I want to bring love, light and music to cancer patients.
Appreciated, applauded and even revered by his patients, they only have wonderful things to say about him. 
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by Peter Hoppenfeld