"When You See A Fork In the Road, Take it and Let Us Help You Navigate Growth and Change."

– Peter Hoppenfeld

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Peter been described as a “lawyer who really understands marketing” and “a marketer who happens to be a lawyer.” His approach to representing clients is a holistic approach that aims to bring peace of mind and direction to the business/legal issues that successful, dynamic entrepreneurs face on a daily basis. As a lawyer, advisor, counselor, friend and devil’s advocate, he aims to integrate himself into his clients’ inner circles and provide caring yet dynamic contributions to their lives and businesses.

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Strategic Advisor

Peter is a seasoned strategist, advisor and transactional, commercial attorney with direct marketing, distribution, licensing, marketing, branding and operational expertise.

Legal Representation

Representation of direct marketers, “thought leaders,” authors, domestic and international training companies, “information marketers” and their founders in all aspects of their legal and business affairs.

Expansion Strategies

Peter provides honest, forthright advice and service based upon decades of real world experience to entrepreneurs who often have never “put their house in order”. He will guide you to both Protect & Expand your business


Peter’s practice involves the representation of “cutting edge” direct marketing companies seeking guidance in the use of info-marketing, teleseminars, webinars, launches, infomercials, seminar sales or network marketing.


Peter Hoppenfeld is counsel to entrepreneurs and companies in diverse industries with particular emphasis on distribution, direct marketing, licensing and deal making.


Peter is a regular speaker and industry leader with appearances at Author101, SAM Retreat as well a regular contributions to the IM community through webinars, interviews and White Papers


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FTC Action Against Synovia

FTC Action Against Synovia

 Steps Taken to Stop Synovia from Making False Arthritis Treatment Claims The marketing team of Synovia, a dietary supplement that could "supposedly" treat arthritis and alleviate joint pain, has agreed to settle FTC charges, and halt the deceptive marketing tactics...

FTC Sues Company Operating Real Estate Seminar Scheme

FTC Sues Company Operating Real Estate Seminar Scheme

Complaint Alleges the Company Swindled Consumers Out of Over $400 Million Over Three Years. The FTC has taken action against one of the largest real estate "training" companies in the country – Nudge, LLC.   The complaint is a fascinating behind the scenes view of...

The New California Privacy Law – Does it Apply to You?

The New California Privacy Law – Does it Apply to You?

Find Out if Your Business Has to Comply with CCPA. The new California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) came into effect in January and has been enforced since July 2020. Through this post I want to share information to avoid the confusion and panic that accompanied the...

FTC, FDA Send Warning Letters to 7 Companies

FTC, FDA Send Warning Letters to 7 Companies

FTC, FDA Continue to Protect Consumers by Acting Against Unsupported Claims that Certain Products Can Treat or Prevent Coronavirus It didn't take long for marketers to exploit an international crisis of the highest magnitude. We can debate the propriety of tapping...

Business’ Rights & Remedies During COVID-19

Business’ Rights & Remedies During COVID-19

Understanding the Rights, Remedies and Obligations of Businesses Pertaining to Partners, Customers, Vendors and Others. As the fallout from the ongoing spread of the Coronavirus continues to impact and disrupt our everyday lives, it is up to business and community...


"He's a rare mix of marketer and lawyer."

Dealing with lawyers is normally one of those things you try your best to avoid. But with Peter you actually WANT to talk to him! He can not only help you navigate any potential legal speed traps before you hit them, but he can help you with your marketing and business strategy, too! He’s a rare mix of marketer and lawyer!

Joe Schriefer, CEO, Agora Financial

"Peter is the perfect person to protect, scale, and sustain your enterprise."

Sometimes people are just made up of the exact right blend of expertise, at the right time during progress’s unstoppable momentum, and in the right marketplaces to help the most people possible. Peter Hoppenfeld is this kind of rare gem. After working with Peter for ten years he is my go-to person for all online and business questions. Because of his unique and priceless head for law and his head for business he is the perfect person to protect, scale, and sustain your enterprise. He is also one of the most trusted names in the business because he knows what’s right and he’s all about bringing the right to light for all of his clients.

Camper Bull, President, Heightener

"Peter Hoppenfeld is the guy you want having your back."

If you’re an entrepreneur, you can find an “attorney” anywhere. But what you really need is someone like Peter Hoppenfeld. Peter is part-strategist, part-consigliere and – yes – even part-attorney. Sure.. he knows business inside and out. He knows deals, contracts and all the legalese you can shake a stick at. He has a deep knowledge of business, marketing and entrepreneurship. But he also greatly cares about all his clients. And when you need help. Peter Hoppenfeld is the guy you want having your back.

Ryan Lee

"A very important strategic advisor."

Mr. Hoppenfeld has not only served as our corporate attorney but also as a very important strategic advisor. Big Bold Health, Inc has valued greatly from both his legal expertise and his extraordinary contributions to our business development.

Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D., FACN, President, Big Bold Health 

"Peter is just damn good at what he does"

Peter is a brand and business builder, a big picture thinker, a fierce friend and advocate who disarms with his ever-present charm, calm and honesty. And yes, he’s a legal ninja second to none. He’s unstoppable, smart, a class act whose counsel has consistently been a saving grace. He’s just damn good at what he does and is the most creative, determined and savvy partner one could hope for in any business setting. He’s what an attorney should be, but most aren’t. For me, peace of mind is knowing Peter sits on my side of the table.

Gary W. Goldstein
Author, Speaker, Hollywood Film Producer,

"Peter is a secret weapon inside my business"

Peter is an attorney…and a skilled one…but to call him that does him a disservice. He is so much more. Peter is a marketing partner, a reasonable and calming voice (in the vast wilderness of “lawyers”), a superb counselor on all sorts of business issues…and most importantly, a trusting friend. A real-life consigliere like no other…and that has nothing to being an adviser to a “crime boss.” He is instead a consigliere to dozens of conscientious business people and entrepreneurs (in a wide variety of businesses, both online and offline) who can guide you through the maze of regulation, compliance…and good taste as well. These business owners rarely make a move in business without calling Peter first….and I am one of them. He is a secret weapon inside my business; and now that you are aware of him, he’s not such a secret to you anymore either…which is good news for you.

Brian Kurtz
Titans Marketing

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Peter Hoppenfeld is counsel to entrepreneurs and companies in diverse industries with particular emphasis on distribution, direct marketing, licensing and deal making. Please use this form to contact him directly.

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