My “Big Idea” – Coming Soon to the Market

I have no doubt (especially given conversations I’ve had with clients, friends and “industry” leaders) that there is a need for a course that focuses on the business and legalities of marketing and to focus in a very real way on:

  • How to Make the Deal
  • How to Build a Sustainable Business
  • Dispelling the myth that a series of launches is the endgame
  • Why the “Lifestyle” of the digital marketer does not preclude being a real business – it requires it
  • Learning my approach to helping my clients attain their goals while respecting their personal sensibilities for risk and reward.
  • Exposing a larger audience to real life dialogues with industry leaders and experts in a style that teaches and opens the curtain on the mindset of success

 I’ve seen how juiced the IM audience gets when leaders talk business.  There is a large and growing community of marketers who have taken courses, or apprenticed; who have some success in the IM space – either selling their own offer, driving traffic, running jvs or active in the “affiliate” space.  There are also a bunch of folk who have moved up the ladder to offering their own coaching, masterminds and events. 

The missing link – business skills. Respectfully, they typically have none. 

Two dynamics are at play and both make the product I am planning attractive and saleable – the need for to bring the business of IM (or “experts,” “trainers”, etc, etc) to the next level and, the need to know the right way to operate in the compliance environment so that marketers can keep what they earn and “sleep well at night.”

Even more importantly, IMr’s are facing issues that they never imagined they would be facing – bringing in partners, hiring and firing employees, renting offices, merchant banking, acquisitions, trademarks, copycats ripping off projects, forgery, paper trailing vendor, etc., etc.

They do not know that the rules of the game – testimonials, bus ops, three day right of rescission, privacy, CAN-SPAM, FDA constraints.

They do not know how to negotiate.

They do not know what due diligence is.

They have no business discipline.

So, I’m thrilled to be creating a new program that will deliver a huge amount entrepreneurial training in a conversational way.

My predisposition was to “partner up” with an industry leader but I know that bandwith is a factor for the friends and colleagues who I would approach to help present content. 

Well, the light went off and my plan evolved to a simple approach –conversations with a hand-picked Editorial Board of industry leaders to help deliver off the charts education that supplements and complements the marketing education and training that is on the market. 

The inaugural Editorial Board is in place and the rocks-star team of Travis Houston, Mary Agnes Antonopoulos and Kevin Rogers are helping me bring this to fruition.

Sit tight!

Coming Soon.


by Peter Hoppenfeld