Mindfulness Challenge with Pedram Shojai

Congrats to Pedram Shojai – “The Urban Monk” on The Today Show

I’ve been following Pedram Shojai, my friend, client, bestselling author of The Urban Monk and The Art of Stopping Time, and founder of Well.org, and his words have created tremendous impact on my life. His books, videos and lectures have helped me get more out of each day, shot my productivity to never before levels, and made me feel much better in the process.
I’ll particularly recommend this piece on Today where he put Jenna Bush Hager on a 30-day mindfulness challenge. We would all do well to try it out. 
Here are seven tips from the article to help you manage your time, energy, money and attention:
  1. Be careful of what you say “yes” to.
  2. Book time for yourself.
  3. Put the phone down.
  4. Keep moving all day.
  5. Cut out some TV time.
  6. Pick your priorities.
  7. Stress comes from time compression.
It’s our choice. We can choose to thrive happily, or crumble under the pressures of life. 

by Peter Hoppenfeld