Highly Recommended

Congratulations to Stanley Brickman on his book Extracted: Unmasking Rampant Anti-Semitism in America’s Higher Education, and this amazing article about his journey to expose Anti-Semitism at Emory University Dental School. It was an honor to work on his book deal and so rewarding to see his journey come to fruition.
Please take a few minutes to read the article that details his efforts to bring the bias to light, and help hundreds of Jewish students find peace in the fact that it wasn’t because they were not good enough.
Here’s what had happened:
In the 1940s, the American Dental Association established a council on dental education in an effort to bring about improvements in the field. Harlan H. Horner, a consultant working for the council, published a report suggesting all the ways dental schools could do better. One of the steps he mentioned was admitting fewer Jews.
This led to hush-hush action against Jews in many major dental schools. It was never openly admitted, but Jewish students were deliberately failed or refused admission, or harassed in other ways until they quit. Stanley Brickman has traveled across the country to speak with students who had to go through the ordeal. This book brings important issues to light, and has its heart in the right place. 
Check out the entire article here, and get the book here

by Peter Hoppenfeld