From Uncertainty to Unprecedented Success

Rework your business strategy to come out on top in this time of crisis.

I recently came across this great article by Adriana Bourgoin on the SalesForce blog. It offers excellent insights on how physical retailers can connect with customers online. The COVID-19 pandemic has made it essential for each of us to pivot, change strategies, and rework our business plans to survive in this new way of life.

Adriana offers excellent actionable tips on how to retain existing customers while creating new and interesting experiences for them.

As per this Forbes survey, 88% consumers think they can make a difference, but they want more help doing it. The survey revealed an overwhelming demand for brands to step up on sustainable lifestyles. If your brand isn’t helping your consumers improve their environmental and social footprint, then you’re in danger of disappointing 88% of them.

In the current scenario, businesses and brands have a greater responsibility, as well as a golden opportunity to do good, support customers and employees, and generally do right by their communities. Learn what other brands are doing to retain customers, attract new ones, and shore up on goodwill.

Read the entire article here. I highly recommend it. In every adversity lies an opportunity. Get inspired to pivot, and turn this uncertain period into one of unprecedented success.


by Peter Hoppenfeld