Dealing with Lawsuits and Legal Compliance

Listen to Me Talk About Doing Business in a Litigious World on Mike Dillard’s Podcast

Recently I had the honor of being a guest on Mike Dillard’s podcast. Mike is a powerhouse, and our conversation was a lot of fun and full of great takeaways. 
We spoke about one of the most difficult topics when it comes to life and business… having to sue someone, and getting sued.
Most of us spend our early years thinking we will never allow the situation of getting sued or having to sue someone arise. Then reality strikes when we start working and dealing with partners, vendors, contractors, customers, and people in general. 
Thinking you’ll go through life without ever being involved in a lawsuit is naive at best. When you deal with other people, you will find yourself at one end of a conflict some time or another. 
This podcast will help you prepare for that day.  
Listen on to get your legal basics in place and covered, and learn how you must conduct business in a litigious world. 

by Peter Hoppenfeld