Business and Publishing How-To’s with Laura Steward

Catch Me in Conversation with Laura on Her Acclaimed Podcast.

Here’s a blast from the past post. A little over a year ago I had the fun opportunity to be invited on Laura Steward’s podcast. It was an amazing interview. With Laura, It’s All About the Questions, and her’s is The Podcast that Get’s You The Answers You Need. In my opinion, Laura is the best interviewer, bar none. 
Here’s a little more information about Laura from her website:
  • “Laura Steward, often referred to as the Queen of Questions, is a Master Strategist, an International Speaker, and an Award Winning and International Bestselling Author. She specializes in educating and inspiring entrepreneurs to gain mastery of themselves and unlock their hidden gold.
  • When you read her book or listen to her on her podcast or at a speaking event, it will become crystal clear that she can connect you to who you really are and what you are meant to be doing.”
What was our conversation about? “The Business of Business and Publishing.”
Among other topics, we discussed the following:
  • Questions you need to ask when starting a business
  • What you need to keep in mind when growing your business. 
  • The way the publishing industry is changing. 
  • How to protect your IP when negotiating a book contract.
If you didn’t catch the podcast back then, take some time out to give it a listen now.  

by Peter Hoppenfeld