I haven’t posted in a while — summer has its privileges.

Today, however, I felt it very important to share a troubling trend in the community of IM’ers — bullying.

As our “industry” has evolved, there has emerged a number of unscrupulous “operators” who promise the world as “publishers” with alleged lists of ridiculous sizes. They tease with offering a mailing to 100,000 names.

They have sketchy, or non-existent contracts. If they do talk contract, they never sign.

They tout supposed philanthropic foundations.

They brag about working with the “rock stars” of the business (they don’t, I know)

They exploit talented content creators for their ideas and contacts and they do not perform — but they make money and the content creator doesn’t.

That would be bad enough, but it gets worse. When enough is enough and the content creator tries to exit or get their content back or simply disassociate, the “publisher” gets aggressive and starts bullying. “If you pursue this, I’ll hurt you.” If you push me, your name will be S–T and no one will work with you.” Here’s the best one — “My lawyer represented OJ Simpson…….” (who really cares?)

I will not name names. That is not what this is about. But, does it really have to come to this?


by Peter Hoppenfeld