Better Health & Increased Focus

Tips from Ryan Lee on the New York Post

Check out this article where my friend and client Ryan Lee shares how he maintains his health and focus… and there is no one more focused and determined than him. I can vouch for that. 
Eight years ago, Ryan was heading four companies and battling an autoimmune disease at the same time. Instead of taking chemo drugs recommended by his doctor, he decided to try alternative treatments. 
He went on to take reflexology sessions, including shoulder and scalp massages, and deep pressure point foot massages. They improved circulation and reduced stress, with an added bonus of better mental clarity. He added meditation to his routine, and went on to simplify his life by consolidating his businesses into one online media company – Freedym.
By focusing all my attention on one business, it’s now generating more income, giving me more free time and has greatly reduced my stress,” Lee says.
  • According to a study from Yale, mindfulness meditation decreases brain activity responsible for mind-wandering thoughts typically associated with being unhappy and worried. Meditation and other calming therapies simmer down the brain’s default mode network and dial up new connections that wipe out meandering.
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by Peter Hoppenfeld