A Timely Summit for Troubled Times

Experts Speak About How to Pivot and Adapt in the Face of Crises.

Earlier this year I was honored to be a panelist at an awesome and timely summit – The Platform & Profit Virtual Summit. It was a free online event from March 28 – 31, 2020 organized by Gail Kingsbury and Roberto Candelaria. It had numerous expert speakers discussing all the changes faced by the business world right now, and how small business owners and entrepreneurs can pivot and adapt to the new world, new technologies and strategies, and build their platforms, communities and profits online.

Topics of discussion included business structure, creating and launching your first venture, finding your audience online and more. We spoke about the biggest challenges each of us faced during major crises, and how we were able to pivot under pressure and continue to build our dream businesses.

The phrase “When You See a Fork in the Road, Take It” has been a mantra of mine for many years, and there has never been a time when being nimble and equipped to take on challenges has been more essential than NOW.

Here’s a list of the other speakers:

– Dr. Barbara De Angelis – TV Personality and #1 NYT Best-Selling Author
– Jim Kwik – Founder and CEO, Kwik Learning
– Rachel Miller – CEO, Moolah Marketing
– Tracy Childers – President and Co-Founder, WishList Products
– Tom Antion – Internet Marketing Multi-Millionaire
– Jai Stone – Master Brand Strategist
– Damon Oates – Business Growth Architect, Founder, DecoExchange
– Warren K Carlyle IV – Community Building Strategist
– Aprille Franks – Facilitator, Pivot Into Profits
– Aaron Young – Chairman/CEO, Laughlin Associates
– Beate Chelette – Founder, The Women’s Code
– Trevor Otts – Founder, BlackCEO
– Susan McVea – Business Sales Strategist
– Armand Morin – Internet Marketing Strategist
– Terry Weaver – Founder, The Thing Event
– Mark Harris – Founder, Mentored By The Masters
– Ben Gay III – The Last Protege of Dr. Napolean Hill
– Christopher Darryl – CEO, Jujube Business Builders

You can still gain access to the recordings of the summit training sessions, interviews and live events. Check it out here.


by Peter Hoppenfeld